This is a list of blogs I find interesting, so if you follow my blog, you might want to check these as well.


Sijisu, AKA Šimon, is another of the core Pátek members. He is the speak less, say more kind of person, so you want to make sure you always fully concentrate when he’s talking, as it is always valuable. He excels at cybersec; every time he starts his deadly dance with a poor corporate website, you know a leak is about to happen (followed by a responsible dislosure of course).


Honza, the Greenscreener, is one of my best friends of the physical world. He is, just like me, a crazy computer science guy whose sleep balance looks like the stock market during the Great Depression. The cool part is he can do some art-ish things as well; he plays the guitar, designs logos and more. Why do all my drawing attempts end up with ugly stickmen?

Tweag I/O - Nix blog

If you are, like me, interested in Nix(OS), this blog is a must. Tweag I/O is the employer of Eelco Dolstra and therefore the blog contains many interesting and important posts (e.g. Nix flakes introduction).

Kev Quirk's blog

Kev Quirk’s blog was one of the sources of inspiration for my one especially by encouraging to write a lot and not to fear imperfections. He is the author of #100DaysToOffload.