Donating challenge

As a New Year’s resolution for 2022, I decided to give $10 a month to support a project I like and/or benefit from. Given my interests, it will be mostly about open source software, but I’ll try to keep the list diverse by including newspapers, charities etc. More can be found in this blog post.

Feel free to suggest projects to support via any contact method and make sure you yell at me every time a donation is missing. Building good habits is no easy thing (especially for me, a lazy person) and I need your help.

I’ll be honored if you just rip off this idea without attribution and replicate the exact same setup on your blog (and most importantly, bank account :)). Just do it. Now. But if you don’t mind it, write me and let’s cross-link the sites for an even higher impact. Contributing $10 isn’t too much, but if I manage to convince 5 people and each of those convinces 3 other (unique) people, heck’ya it’s a valuable contribution then.

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2022 01