My work

Here I present projects I’ve created or contributed to. Most of them are open-source and I would be very glad to merge your pull requests into them.

Pátek Show Controller

Pátek Show Controller, PSC, or P8 are names of my, and some other members’ of Pátek, device capable of controlling lights, music, special effects and other stage equipment. Our main goal was to make it as user-friendly as possible while keeping powerful tunables for experts. We won atthack 2019 in Brno with the idea and have been working on it since then. The pace isn’t very fast as we are all busy students, but the project is far from being dead.


Tinyquiz is an open-source online quiz platform I wrote as a semester programming project for the Programming I course. It is inspired by Kahoot, but does not require anyone to sign up (including the organizer) and can be easily self-hosted.